iLead | Pearn Kandola

iLead, by Pearn Kandola, is a tool that allows companies to assess their employees’ leadership capability and potential. Pearn Kandola asked Bottle to help them better explain their product and drive more enquires through their website.

By creating an animated explainer video, we were able to demonstrate the features and benefits of iLead in under a minute and give the audience a reason to contact Pearn Kandola to find out more.

We built upon Pearn Kandola’s brand guidelines to come up with a fresh style that complemented the existing brand while creating something fresh and slick.

The explainer video on its own is a great tool for converting users but driving traffic to the site requires a different approach. For this, we looked to the iLead books written by Stuart Duff and identified a story that would have appeal on social and in trade press. We turned the story into a short animation that would act as a shareable piece of content and would accompany a PR story.

It was important to find a idea that was genuinely interesting and then turn it into a neat story that people would want to pass on. The concept of Regression to the mean is just that and had the advantage of being studied by Nobel Prize Winning researchers Taversky and Kahneman, which would help the story to be picked up.

All of the content was created in-house by Bottle.

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