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Brandwatch - Christmas newsroom


As part of its new communications strategy, Brandwatch was keen to own the conversation around Christmas adverts. The task was to position Brandwatch as a provider of social data around the Christmas adverts as well as a thought leader that could provide intelligent insight.


Through our daily newsroom and ‘always on’ approach, we knew we could respond to the Christmas adverts with Brandwatch’s comment and data, all in real time.

Bottle recommended pre-planning every detail so that Brandwatch could benefit from the ‘fastest finger first’ approach to communications. 


By establishing when the likes of the John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Lidl Christmas adverts would be likely to air online and on TV, both Brandwatch and Bottle were available around the clock to pull appropriate data for journalists.  Whether it was morning, noon or night. Punchy comment from the company’s CMO, data queries and press lists were all pre-prepared ahead of November, when most retailers were expected to air their adverts.

A warm-up email was sent to all relevant journalists. It informed them that comment and data around the Christmas adverts was available from Brandwatch. This meant Bottle could respond to individual requirements from journalists across national and trade press, tailoring the comment and data pulled accordingly.

It also enabled the Bottle team to build up a relationship of trust and familiarity. Keeping journalists informed about when adverts were expected to air and pushing Brandwatch to the front of their minds as a data provider and thought leader.


Brandwatch’s data was used widely in pieces across the national, marketing and retail press including WiredThe Telegraph, Bloomberg News and The Drum.

Many pieces also included written comment from Brandwatch’s CMO, such as in The Independent and Marketing Week, a top tier trade publication for the company.

In total, Bottle secured 20 pieces of quality coverage across one week for the campaign. This included five in PR Week thanks to the close, ongoing relationship with one of its key editors.

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