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Opus Energy – Kinetic Cafe


Business energy supplier Opus Energy wanted to understand how much energy it took to run a small business. Not just electricity to power the business, but physical and mental energy; such as getting out of bed at 5am, to working throughout the night, to going above and beyond to meet an order or fix an issue.



To help Opus Energy understand what it takes to run a small business, we recommended a three part campaign, so they could literally walk a mile in their customers’ shoes and see first-hand what it takes to drive a small business forward. And so the Kinetic Café was born.



Our campaign had three strands – experiential, research and story-telling. The focal point was the event – Opus Energy set up and ran a juice pop-up store called the Kinetic Café for two days, and therefore had to go through the challenges small business owners face, not only on a daily basis but also in the lead up to the opening. This included finding a location, sourcing ingredients, working with suppliers, attracting customers and also providing the pedal power to create the juices. 

As they went through this, the Kinetic Café team documented their findings via their owned platform. They captured, in blog format, the key learnings and experience in the lead up to opening the café; including finding a location and venue, defining the brand name and logo, organising furniture, determining the ‘look and feel’ of the premises, finding suppliers and arranging licenses as well as marketing the event. All blog posts were housed on Opus’s content advice hub –Brighter Business, which were then promoted on social media and shared with wider media where relevant.

We even held a roundtable with local small business owners on the day to talk through the challenges and solutions. To complement this, we also conducted quantitative research to understand the current pressures small businesses are under, and provide advice from Opus Energy’s team of experts to help small businesses navigate the hurdles they face.

This content has been (and continues to be) used to create news stories, thought leadership articles, top tips, graphics and videos which illustrate the journey that small businesses go on and the struggles they face, as well as the important role they play in the communities they are in and to the economy as a whole



Kinetic Café drove increased reach and engagement for Opus Energy’s primary Twitter account:

21k more impressions in August than July

August engagement rate increased by 57% from the previous month to 1.1%

14 of Opus Energy’s top 15 tweets in August contained the Kinetic Café hashtag, with a combined 30,817 impressions (roughly 57% of August reach)

On Facebook, Opus Energy saw a total reach of 68.8k throughout August, a substantial increase on its typical reach. There was a similar bump in engagement.

The campaign content has secured 14 pieces of coverage over the past three months, including national coverage (Daily Mirror) and key business and retail titles (London Loves Business, Small Business, Talking Retail and SME Magazine). The coverage achieved has an online readership of 702k, with an average DA (domain authority) of 49.