Meet Phil. Phil is a WEASEL.

In fact, he’s a weasel that I stuffed myself, and he now sits next to me on my desk at work.

He’s not to everyone’s taste but I’m a bit of a fan of taxidermy so I wanted to find out more about the process.

Is he useful?
Not exactly. The contorted position of his arms means that he can just about hold a pen.

Is he objectively good?
Not really. He has lumps where lumps shouldn’t be and somehow he’s about 20% longer than when I started.

Is he a stimulus for creativity?
Absolutely. In fact, he was the recent inspiration for a whimsical One Minute Briefs that we did in February, just for the hell of it.


The brief was simple: “Advertise weasels”, and with this very simple brief, the loyal band of OMB followers did what they do best. With the prize of 50 BigMacs  delivered to your desk for the winner, it was a stoatal nobrainer

.Undoubtedly, they all struggle to keep a mustelid on their creativity but you can judge for yourselves who advertised it best. Below are a select collection of the myriad entries that we received.

It was no weasy decision but a massive congratulations to @BOC_ATM, who was crowned as the winner for his "Don't be a Wheezel" Breathe Eazy creation and became the intimidated recipient of the 50 BigMac haul.

Upon receipt of his hamburgery prize, his office in Manchester;
• staged a #BigMacChallenge eating challenge
• fed his entire office
• and managed to feed some of the homeless in his local area
…so an undoubtedly worthy winner.

Watch Nick and Robin from Trunk take on the Manc Vs Food eating challenge.