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Unexplored Festival Tribes

As a team, we spent four days in August at Wilderness Festival, because it’s important to know what your colleagues look like covered in glitter and functioning on very little sleep.

Wilderness, like any other festival, has preconceptions about the kind of people that you expect to bump into. Consequently, festivals have become the stomping ground for alcohol and energy drink labels to show off their fun side, but perhaps other brands are missing a trick?

When you look a little closer, you begin to identify similarities amongst the revelling crowds. These individual examples can be grouped into their own categorised tribes, with their own individual habits and desires.

Look a little deeper and you’ll see we why think brands like Karcher, Waitrose and Specsavers might be missing an opportunity. As such, we put together a guide featuring eight tribes with actual quotes overheard and suggested brands who might want to target these awaiting audiences.