About This Project

Goodyear | A Man For All Seasons

The problem:

Goodyear wanted to raise awareness of their All Seasons tyre, amongst their audience of tech-loving, premium-car driving motorists.

We wanted to create a shareable story of Goodyear’s innovation and exploration, around making things useful for all seasons.

The solution: 

Enter Dominic Wilcox. Dominic is a designer and inventor. He is famous for his playful creations and out-there designs that solve everyday problems. His sketches have been beautifully bundled in his book Variations On Normal.

Our idea? To ask Dominic to take those everyday ‘one season’ objects that are crammed into our attics, basements and sheds for most of the year and re-invent them as ‘all seasons’ things.Using his influencer status to share these designs on his (and Goodyear’s) social channels.

What we did:

We used social media to survey audiences across Europe, asking them for the list of things that clog up their lives. We got beach balls, skis, and sledges. Desk fans and convertibles. We didn’t get lederhosen – turns out they’re already an all seasons garment.

Over to Dominic, who scratched his head, wondered and then had eureka moment after eureka moment.

Thirty mad designs later, one for each the thirty years of Goodyear’s All Seasons tyre, we had our sketches, which we GIF-ed and posted. And we even had three of those designs manufactured (in Dominic’s workshop, with him talking us through the thinking.)

Adding the survey results from the start of the campaign, we had our series of news stories and visual content about the European clutter-mountain of one-season stuff.  

The results:

We secured 79 pieces of coverage across lots of publication types, from mainstream news to niche design sites. More than 148,000 people on social media engaged with Dominic’s designs, with an engagement rate of 10%. This was an impressive leap above Goodyear’s average of 6%. We also secured 19 links to Goodyear’s content hub, Hug the Roads, where we placed some supporting campaign content.

With audience reach of more than half a million across owned and earned media channels, it’s a great example of how an integrated, creative Hero campaign can contribute to perception-changing and brand building for Goodyear.

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