About This Project

Blenheim Brand Identity


The problem:

Blenheim had a vision for the future, but some of the elements of the enterprise were not visible, meaning that the Blenheim Palace brand was the default in the minds of the audiences for everything. How could Blenheim ensure their audience knew and understood that their brand was much more than just the palace attraction?


The solution:

To make visible, and develop the clear distinctions between the meanings of the family of brands while maintaining the right visual relationship – the family resemblance – between these three brands:

  • Blenheim brand – sustainability, restoration and conservation, art and heritage, training, community relations, head office functions and teams.
  • Blenheim Palace brand – visitor destination, activities, exhibitions and events, hospitality, catering and destination restaurant, mineral water, education and charity.
  • Blenheim Estate brand – property (construction, homes, residential and commercial lettings), gardens, forestry, farming, game and maintenance.


What we did:

We not only replaced the outdated current identity for Blenheim Palace, we brought these three new identities to life whilst keeping a common theme throughout

We created a 92-paged book of brand guidelines that combed through each of these three distinct brands from use of logos, colour and typography – to the voice and principles that they all share as a family.


The results:

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