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Anti-Agin | Warner Leisure Hotels


The Problem:

When Warner Leisure Hotels briefed us to create a ‘spikey’ PR campaign. They wanted us to change perceptions of the hotel chain, we welcomed the challenge.

Needing to attract a younger audience (aged 55+) in addition to the current 75+ market), the brand wanted to be perceived as a hotel chain which doesn’t take life too seriously. As well as embracing new trends, and offering unique opportunities for socialising.

The Solution:

We had worked with Warner for over 8 months. Knowing and understanding our core and new audience’s shared mindset, likes and dislikes was key to providing campaign insight. 

Using internal sales data at the bars and restaurants in Warner hotels across the country, combined with research of British adults aged 55+, we discovered that gin was consistently one of the most popular drink choices for both male and females in the target age bracket.

The audience liked a drink but don’t like the thought of getting older. We wanted to combine the best of both worlds, whilst also searching for the fountain of eternal youth.

This market insight led us to create a product exclusive to Warner which would enter into the UK’s anti-ageing scene with a bang – Anti-aGin; the world’s first anti-ageing gin.

What We Did:

We teamed up with culinary creators Bompass & Parr, to craft a unique drink. It had edible collagen and a mix of anti-oxidant botanicals to enhance anti-aging credentials. Celebrity stylist Nicky Hambleton Jones, strengthened the campaign, and credited the benefits of drinking edible collagen.

In addition to stocking the gin at 13 Warner Leisure Hotels across the UK, the team approached online retailer, Drinksupermarket.co.uk, to stock the gin for online buyers, with limited stock to create a shopping frenzy.

The Results:

Following the launch, we secured over 1,000 pieces of coverage in the first four days including media in Asia, Africa and the US.

The gin was covered in the majority of the national newspapers and across broadcast. As well as online and regional titles, a key PR strategy focus for Warner.  Coverage highlights including: The Times, Yahoo!, ITV.com, BBC Radio, GQ online,  New Day, Mashable, Associated Press, Heart Radio, The Daily TelegraphThe Huffington PostMarie Claire, MashableThe Metro and The Evening Standard.

The article on Mashable alone was shared 30,500 times and drove 1,000 people to the DrinkSupermarket site to buy the product and the gin sold out in 24 hours. This lead to emergency orders to meet consumer and journalist demand.

Page engagement on Facebook increased by over 70% and celebrities including Scott Disick and Philip Schofield were actively involved in conversations about the gin on Twitter.

Share of voice for Warner saw a 276% increase quarter on quarter as a direct result of the campaign.

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