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Digital Insights and Trends: Cycling

Using our Planning toolkit*, we wanted to get under the skintight lycra of the cycling category and discover the opportunities out there for brands, and the comms challenge they present… and here’s what we found.

There are lots of wider trends shaping the cycling industry. The call for sustainability is steadily getting louder from businesses and consumers alike – prompting more of us to consider how we get around. As a solution to issues we feel acutely, like our health (mental and physical), congestion and air pollution, it seems bikes may have been the answer all along. 

They have a key role in travel and tourism, which is only set to grow, with increasingly conscious consumers wanting more bikepacking adventures (and less of the ‘flygskam’).  

The ebike is gathering pace and credibility all the time, making it a great time for brands to stamp their authority and stake a claim on the increasing demand - and search traffic. Writing this made us want one.

While cycling steadfastly remains a force for good, it’s also high time cycling threw its arms open to inclusivity, with women and BAME people still underrepresented at every level. We’ve considered the female audience beyond MAWILs (Middle Aged Women in Lycra) by drawing up three audience personas we’d love to create a campaign for.

We hope you enjoy what you find inside:

  • 3 key trends for 2020

  • Spotlight on audience: women

  • The search opportunity for ebikes


*Brandwatch, SEMRush, Google Trends, irksome curiosity