The Podcasts You Should be Listening to in 2019


The Good, the Mad and the Snugly

The 2019 list of the captivating, the crazy and the comforting.

It’s 2019 already and tradition dictates that we’re all making sudden changes to our lives. If, like me, abstinence from delicious food and alcohol seems like the worst possible start to a year, then changing what you listen to on your commute is definitely an easy win.If you can’t listen more, then make sure you listen better.The world is full of talented people and handily they’re all releasing podcasts. Podcasts are fast becoming de rigueur and it’s about time we all take a ride on the Pod-wagon. What you’re listening to when you do the dishes is important, and having a breadth of cultural perspectives in an agency brings with it a broader range of creative thinking.If somehow you’re new to podcasts then think of it as on-demand knowledge – not quite radio, not quite a book – but each with its own purposeful way of telling a story. If you’re no stranger to the format, then perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and need a bit of inspiration to freshen up your playlists.Without further ado, here is our list of podcasts that you should be listening to in 2019. 

Tom recommends:


The Empire Film Podcast

Our resident movie blogger has recommended the official podcast of the world’s biggest and best movie magazine. A weekly assortment of irreverent film-related chat, as well as interviews with the biggest names in Hollywood. 

Start with #343: The League Of Gentlemen, Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens

Ed recommends:


The Joe Rogan Experience

 The Joe Rogan Experience is a long-form conversation with guests from the world of science, comedy and everything in between. Comedian and sports commentator Joe Rogan is unlikely to make you laugh out loud, but uses his position to give us access to the minds of the world’s most fascinating people. 

Start with #877 – Jordan Peterson

Amy recommends:


Dan Snow’s History Hit

Snow attracts interviews with some of the best historians writing today. He features reports from fascinatingly wonderful places of historic importance, major anniversaries and looks into the history behind some of current headlines. 

Start with A History of Drunkenness with Mark Forsyth

Holly recommends:


Exposure Ninja

Head Ninja Tim interviews some of the best minds in Digital Marketing and the business owners that have used effective digital marketing, SEO, PPC and their website to transform how they do business. 

Start with #107 How this accidental influencer strategy helps Jennifer Hamley sell more bags

Colin recommends:


Song Exploder

Each episode of Song Exploder encourages musicians to pull apart their songs, line-by-line, beat-by-beat, to tell the story of how they were written and recorded. Never before have we been granted such detailed access to the motives that make our favourite songs. 

Start with #7 House of Cards main title theme – Jeff Beal

Sarah recommends:


Where should we begin?

This Audible Original podcast lets you be a fly on the wall of relationship therapist Esther Perel. Listen as anonymous couples search for insight on their intimately personal lives exploring the fallout of infidelity, sexlessness and loss. This podcast describes itself as “a space for people to be heard and understood”, but realistically it’s absorbing and empathetic - and sates our intrigue for what’s going on in the lives of others. 

Start with S2 Ep.1 You need to help her

Chloe recommends:


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

JVN, famous for his web series parody Gay of Thrones and for his appearances on Queer Eye, hosts this weekly exploration into all things curious. His informative patter helps break down big topics from leading experts on subjects that might previously be intimidating. His effervescent delivery makes this podcast an easy one to binge. 

Start with #50 How can we be less rude to bees?

Steve recommends:


Stuff You Should Know

SYSK is an educational reference show, making it sound drier and less interesting than it really is. Each episode takes an in depth look at a subject, person or event that you thought you already knew enough about. If QI and a good pub quiz are your sort of thing then this will feed your thirst for information.Released 3 days a week and totalling over 1000 episodes, means there is very little chance that you’ll run out of options in 2019. 

Start with Dr. Seuss: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Happy listening.

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