Brand Date


Happy Valentines. So which personality did you choose to date? If you chose:

Contestant Number 1, you chose The Maverick

Fearless, independent, strong
Illustrated by these brands:

Contestant Number 2, you chose The Lover

Passionate, sensual and full of vitality
Illustrated by these brands:

Contestant Number 3, you chose The Jester

Sense of humour, originality, irreverence
Illustrated by these brands: 

Surprised? Are these the brands on your kitchen shelves, in your wardrobe or on your driveway? Does your perfect date mirror the type of brand you buy into? Or is it a case of different horses for different courses or opposites attract? And let’s face it, we only gave you a choice of three – perhaps the Sage or the Caregiver are more likely to float your boat. Let us know: #wearebottle or @wearebottle.

And what if YOU are the brand date. Are you dateable? 

Ok, so we’re stretching this Valentines theme a little but it’s true, personality counts and if you’re managing a brand you’re bound to have spent many a session carving out this narrative, right? And for your customer it’s this brand character that they’re buying into, just like they would a potential valentine date. Because it’s all about the chemistry, the attraction, the connection. Ok, I’ll stop now, you get the theme.

Some brands seem to have nailed their brand personas and others, well... their identity and brand voice isn’t quite so well drilled. So what’s the secret to that winning personality?

Carl Jung might not have been thinking about brand marketing when he set out the twelve human archetypes – core, distinctive personalities that package the differing motives and traits of people. But we’re grateful, because they give a great start-point for thinking about how your brand communicates. 

We’re not Jungian experts, but as creatives and communicators we have a rich appreciation of the archetypal system he developed. Finding and embodying an archetype encourages audiences to intuitively get a brand – in a human relationships kind of way – and it helps creatives behind the brand intuitively know how to express the brand in words, pictures, symbols. 

“Twelve personas, a bit like star signs,” I hear you say, “Which one am I?” Well, your brand values may point you to one archetype but quite possibly your brand may be a combination of one or two. And there’s a bit more to it than Mystic Meg and star gazing. We had a bit of fun with our Valentine Brand Date Instagram post but in doing so illustrated 3 of the 12 brand personas.

At Bottle we can take your brand values and create a distinctive voice and identity, energising your brand through our storytelling. That’s not to say your brand doesn’t already have personality, but sometimes it's nice to have a Cilla to push you in the right direction. Get in touch if you want to know more or read our eBook on the 12 archetypes.

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