Head of Content

We’re looking for a new Head of Content.

As a thriving agency, we’re always looking for talent, and this time it’s someone with, in the words of Liam Neeson, a very particular set of skills.

Your creative spark will be particularly sparky. That means you are comfortable generating ideas, often on the unexpected outer fringes so that they are disruptive and help our comms teams see things differently. Imaginative, brand led, emotionally engaging ideas that will make our clients’ stories reach further.

That means you’ll think about stories, about how to shape them. So that everything from a photo to an infographic to a 10 minute brand film has that story quality and narrative arc.

You’ll have a design specialism of your own, that makes you an essential maker of content as part of the content team. That could be video production, animation, anything that adds something extra to our total team capabilities.

Being fluent with Photoshop and Illustrator is a must. Experience with After Effects and Premiere is a bonus. You’ll have strong typography skills, an affinity with colour and you’ll be able to share those skills with others.

You’ll be fun to work with. Your standards will encourage others in the Content team want to impress you, and you can coach them to help them get better.

And you are inquisitive. That means you’re always curiously looking for the new source of inspiration, from SXSW to Caravaggio. And it means you’re listening around the agency for opportunities to help, and you’re nosey enough to push your way into the conversation.

Maybe you’re doing a job like this and think it’d be more fun at Bottle (it would be). Or you’re a senior designer and you think you’re ready to step into a leadership role. Either way, we’d like to hear from you.

The salary is competitive, the perks are nice, and the rest of the team are marvellous.

Interested? Get in touch: hello@wearebottle.com